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June 3-6, 2021

Spectator Passes $15 for each UCWDC session and/or competitions being held during the day before 6:00 pm.  These passes do NOT include entrance into workshops.  These passes cannot be used for competition that occurs after 6:00 pm.  You must purchase day passes to get into workshops. No spectator passes for nightly competitions or Saturday show.  Purchase at event.  Spectators can video tape with a Video Pass.

Trying to figure out what pass is the best option - read below:


Spectator pass is for competitions being held during the day.  Includes the following divisions:

Friday - Pro-Am Int, Adv, Pro-Pro , Spotlights, Div 1 Open Classic & Showcase Couples, Super Stars & Rising Star Line, and Crown Line. 

Saturday - Pro-Am Newcomer / Syllabus / Beginner / Social, Pro-Am Novice and WSDC J&J Finals Saturday (not Friday Night).

Sunday - UCWDC Couples, Team & Line

The spectator pass is for individuals who do not wish to dance socially or take workshops and want to come and support their family and friends during the day.  There are no spectator passes for evening competitions which include Swing & Hustle.

Regular passes are for dancers who want to come and dance socially, take workshops and support their friends and family.  On Friday you can pick from either (1) All Day / night, , (2) Night Dance Only (gets you in after 6 pm). On Saturday, you can pick from: (1). Day Only, (2) All Day / Night, (3) Saturday Show & Dance or (4) Night Dance only.  On Sunday, there is only one option Sunday Pass.  These passes allow individuals to take workshops and enter competition ballroom.

For pricing options, please download the General Reg. Form (above). 

We offer ALL UCWDC divisions for Pro-Am, Couples, Line & Team.

Country Dance Director is our 2018 registration & scoring system!
Click Here to Register Online
Every UCWDC competitor MUST have a current UCWDC membership.
Just so there's no confusions - Line dances that will be used for OBDF 2017 are always the newest dance for any division.  If any dance's "date of usage" is May 2017 - It WILL be used for OBDF 2017.  We will use the newest dance for Orange Blossom Dance Festival.
Dance Division Definitions:
UCWDC Pro-Am, Couples & Line - UCWDC sanctioned country divisions for both Pro-Am, Couples & Line.
Pro-Am Swing / Hustle - division that you sign up with your specific Pro and dance.  Sometimes referred as "Pro-Am Strictly".
WSDC Jack & Jill - You will dance with another person at random.  Points awarded.  Please provide WSDC number.
Strictly Swing / Hustle Couples - you sign up with your partner and dance to random music.
Pro-Am Jack & Jill - You will randomly be assigned a Pro to dance.

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