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* UCWDC P/A Registration cut-off is Thursday, May 12th.

* Sunday UCWDC competitions registration cut-off is Friday, June 3 at 3:00 pm.

* WSDC, we kindly ask to please pre-register online to help make this run smoother and allow us to put actual start times.  The registration cut-off is Friday, June 3 @ 12 pm.  We are having a WSDC competition with points!

* All other Friday (non-UCWDC competitions) this includes: PA Strictly Swing & Hustle, PA J&J Two-Step & Swing, Swing Couples, and WSDC Swing registration cut-off is Friday, June 3 @ 12 pm. please register online.


Just so there's no confusion - Line dances that will be used for OBDF are always the newest release of music.  If the "date of usage" is in May - it will be used for OBDF.

Dance Division Definitions:

UCWDC Pro-Am, Pro-Pro, Spotlight, Couples & Line - UCWDC sanctioned country division.

Pro-Am Swing - bring your favorite Pro and dance to random music

WSDC Jack & Jill - WSDC sanctioned.  You will dance with another person at random.

Strictly Swing Couples - ask your favorite partner and bring your own music.

Pro-Am Jack & Jill - You will be assigned a random Pro to dance either WCS or Two-Step

Open Role Pro-Am, Pro-Pro, Spotlight, & Couples - Pick either 1 or all 9 dances and dance the role you want.  No costume rules.  

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