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We will be using the new dance format:

Smooth - Waltz, NC, Triple 2, & WCS 

Rhythm - Two-Step, Cha Cha, Polka & ECS. 

Spectator Passes

If you want to watch your friends and family to watch and cheer for you while you compete, we will be offering spectator passes.  The spectator pass is only for people who will not be dancing or taking workshops.  You can order them online, they are under "Products" in the online registration, or you can wait and purchase them at the door.  They are $15 per person per session.  The spectator passes are for UCWDC dance competitions only during the day, there are no spectator passes after 6 pm.

We have some of the BEST Pro incentives on the circuit. 

So good that other events are using our plan! 

Check it out!

Pro Incentive Contract

Ceci Ad.png

If you want hair and makeup, we recommend, Ceci.  See above to details.

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