Below is the schedule with a few tentative times to help schedule your arrival times.  We will have a final schedule with exact start times a few days before the event.  Since all Swing contests are open until Friday (of the event) we will not be able to give exact times any earlier but the first Swing contest (which is Pro-Am Swing) will not start earlier than 6 pm.  

Normally it goes something like this:
* Kick-off Social Dance Party starting around 7 pm - $5 or free with VIP pass.

* Late Morning
UCWDC Pro-Am Intermediate
UCWDC Pro-Am Advanced
UCWDC Pro-Am Showcase
UCWDC Pro-Am & Pro-Pro Spotlight
Non-UCWDC Pro-Am Social - 
(same as UCWDC P/A without UCWDC restrictions, Open & Age divisions)
Showtime Spotlight - (same as UCWDC Spotlight but without UCWDC restrictions)
Open Role - Pro-Am Inter & Adv - (pick the role you want to dance and dance - all age divisions)

Awards for above
* Early Evening
Starting around 6 pm or later - Open Dancing / Swing & Hustle Warmups

We will post estimate times a week out from the event, but this is the order that will be danced
Pro-Am Swing All levels and ages 
Pro-Am Spotlight Swing
Pro-Am Jack & Jill (WCS and Two-Step)
WSDC AllStars Prelims & Finals

Strictly Swing Couples - all couples on the floor dancing to random music
Swing Couples Spotlight & Rising Star (Routines w/ your own music)
WSDC J&J - Prelims - YES, points!  
Awards for all above - except any Prelims
2nd Floor Ballroom - Open for Social Dancing while Swing competition in Main Ballroom
Main Ballroom - Open for Social Dancing after Swing competition

* Morning
UCWDC Pro-Am Newcomer
UCWDC Social
UCWDC Syllabus
Open Role - Newcomer

* Late Morning / Early Afternoon

UCWDC Pro-Am Novice
Open Role - Novice

Awards for both Newcomer & Novice
* Later Afternoon
WSDC Finals - estimated start time between 5-5:30 pm

* Early Evening
Ballroom Closes to prepare for Show
* Evening

Saturday Show w/ Masters *& Div 1 Open, Performers & a few surprises
Two-Step J&J - Bring $5 on the floor and dance for $$$.  Usually starts around 10:30 pm
Social Dancing in2 ballrooms
2nd floor ballroom will be open for social dancing while Saturday Show is going on.  We will be playing a Country & Swing mix.  After show, the 2nd floor ballroom will be playing Swing music.  Country mix will be playing in Main ballroom after show.

* Morning
UCWDC Couples - All except Masters & Div 1 Open
Open Role Couples - All ages
UCWDC Line - All