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Workshops will be running in two different ballrooms from 10am - 5pm Friday & Saturday and 10 am - 2 pm Sunday
Schedules will be posted soon.
Normally it goes something like this:
* Kick-off Social Dance Party starting around 7 pm - $5 or free with VIP pass.
* Late Morning
UCWDC Pro-Am & Mixed Role Intermediate
UCWDC Pro-Am & Mixed Role Advanced 
UCWDC Pro-Am Showcase & Mixed Role
UCWDC Pro-Pro & Mixed Role Pro Pro
UCWDC Pro-Am & Pro-Pro Spotlight
Non-UCWDC Pro-Am Social - 
(same as UCWDC P/A without UCWDC restrictions, Open & Age divisions)
Showtime Spotlight - (same as UCWDC Spotlight but without UCWDC restrictions)

Awards for above
* Early Evening
Starting around 6 pm or later - Open Dancing / Swing & Hustle Warmups

We will post estimate times a week out from the event, but this is the order that will be danced
Pro-Am Swing All levels and ages 
Pro-Am Spotlight Swing
Pro-Am Jack & Jill (WCS and Two-Step)
WSDC AllStars Prelims & Finals

Strictly Swing Couples - all couples on the floor dancing to random music
Swing Couples Spotlight & Rising Star (Routines w/ your own music)
WSDC J&J - Prelims - YES, points!  
Awards for all above - except any Prelims
2nd Floor Ballroom - Open for Social Dancing while Swing competition in Main Ballroom
Main Ballroom - Open for Social Dancing after Swing competition

* Morning
UCWDC Pro-Am & Mixed Role Newcomer

UCWDC Social
* Late Morning / Early Afternoon

UCWDC Pro-Am & Mixed Role Novice
Awards for both Newcomer & Novice
* Later Afternoon
WSDC Finals - estimated start time between 5-5:30 pm - upstairs ballroom

* Early Evening
Ballroom Closes to prepare for Show
* Evening

Saturday Show w/ Masters & Div 1 Open, Performers & a few surprises
Two-Step J&J - Bring $5 on the floor and dance for $$$.  Usually starts around 10:30 pm
Social Dancing in2 ballrooms
2nd floor ballroom will be open for social dancing while Saturday Show is going on.  We will be playing a Country & Swing mix.  After show, the 2nd floor ballroom will be playing Swing music.  Country mix will be playing in Main ballroom after show.

* Morning
UCWDC Couples & Mixed Role Couples - All except Masters & Div 1 Open
UCWDC Line - All


Workshop Schedule
Event Schedule
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