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We are bringing in some great talent!  Make sure you make time for workshops!

Tentative Workshop Schedule will be posted closer to event. 

We have to wait for our staff to inform us:

(a). Their travel itinerary.

(b). Their dance competition schedule.

(c) and lastly, the hardest, what they want to teach and titles.


2022 Confirmed Staff (Judges & Instructors):
Gary McIntyre
PJ Turner
Sebastian Quinones
Satu Ketellapper
Emily Bouchonville
Zhenya Klyukin
Rachel Mercedes
Hugo Miguez
Stacy Kay
Kristin Geil
Sam & Christine Wetzel
Shay Patel
Bella Viramontes
Carme & Marnie Mattei
Antoinette Santoro
Suzanne Mosley
Rachel Champion
Derek Leyva
Demery Leyva
Jennifer Norris
Gary Jobst
Tony Lee
Sue Boyd
Helen Matthews
Shari Huggett-Milton
Tommy Gibbs
Renee Lipman
Richard McMurrich
Earl Strom
Donna Caudill
Brooklyn Lanham
Bob Wheatley

Stuart Palmer
Bill Robinson
Christy Kam
and a few more!


Confirmed Masters Competitors:
Mike Wagner & Satu Ketellapper
Eric Nava & Rachel Mercedes
Sebastian Quinones & Ashleigh Taylor
Jimmy Mulligan & Elina Sharipova
Eric Zimmer & Catherine Picard
John Burns & Suzanne Mosley
Zhenya Klyukin & Emily Bouchonville

UCWDC Contest Coordinator:
Dave Getty
WSDC Contest Coordinator:
Stuart Palmer
Mona Broussard
Josh Angel
Stan Wojciechowski
Shay & Bella
Randy Jeffries
Derek Leyva
Natalie Palmer
Jennifer Jeffries
Chad Graber
Renee Lipman
Mary Hannah


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